pimax crystal discount code

Pimax Crystal Discount Code

$50 OFF Use Code: GLOCMEDIA at the checkout

The Pimax Crystal headset is the ultimate in clarity when it comes to Virtual Reality headsets for flight simulation and works great with Microsoft Flight Simulator, DCS and many others. It does come with it’s pro’s and con’s though, however if you’re looking for the highest resolution VR headset, a headset that’s got enough sharpness and clarity to really read all those dials and buttons within the cockpit then the Pimax Crystal Headset is what you’re looking for.

Just something to keep in mind: To fully run the Pimax Crystal VR Headset you will need a PC on the beefier side. My recommendation is to have at least an NVIDIA 4080 or equivalent with an AMD7800X3D or equivalent to be able to run the Pimax headset at a reasonable frame rate.

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