Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Quadrant Review

The Thrustmaster TCA Airbus Throttle Quadrant

The Thrustmaster TCS Airbus Throttle Quadrant is designed primaraly around the Airbus power system and is a great intoduction to flight sim electronics for newbies and people that want to create a more authentic Airbus setup.

TCA Airbus Throttle Build Quality

First things first, let’s talk about the build quality of the Airbus A320 Throttle Quadrant. I can’t help but emphasize its robustness and meticulous attention to detail. The craftsmanship truly shines through, making it a hardware piece that’s built to last. What’s more, the throttle quadrant mirrors the controls found in the Airbus A320, lending an air of authenticity to your flying experience. As someone who values precision, I can’t stress enough how this attention to detail significantly elevates the immersion factor.

For the Airbus Fan

If you’re like me and your heart belongs to Airbus aircraft, particularly the A320, then you’re in for a treat. The Airbus A320 Throttle Quadrant is a game-changer, and I’d even go so far as to say it’s a “no-brainer” for an Airbus fan only. The controls are tailor-made for Airbus aircraft, and it’s a sheer joy to replicate real-world procedures with such accuracy. Every flip, every turn – it all adds up to an experience that’s as closer to the real thing. And that’s what were all striving for at the end of the day.

The Detents Are Superb

The controls are well-designed. One thing I absolutely love is the inclusion of detents. These notches in the controls make setting power levels a breeze and bring an extra layer of authenticity to your flying adventure. It’s not only that they are included but they way its been built in the the quality of the feeling and audio of the detent. Thustmaster clearly spent some time here getting this right.

Other Options

Now, here’s the deal. While the Airbus A320 Throttle Quadrant is a dream come true for Airbus simmers, it’s worth considering your specific flying habits before making the leap. If, like me, you enjoy a variety of aircraft types, this throttle quadrant is still a solid choice. But, and here’s the interesting part, there are some other contenders in the ring. The Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant and the more budget-friendly Logitech throttle quadrant are worth a look. They might just sway your decision if you find yourself flying a mix of propeller-driven or single-engine aircraft.


To wrap things up, the Airbus A320 Throttle Quadrant is a fantastic addition to any flight simulation setup, particularly if you’re a die-hard Airbus fan. The impeccable build quality and attention to detail make it a standout choice for enhancing your virtual flying experience. However, if you’re a pilot of various aircraft types, you’ll want to weigh your options carefully. The Honeycomb Bravo Throttle Quadrant and the Logitech alternative are viable choices to explore.

As technology continues to push the boundaries of flight simulation, we’re fortunate to have hardware that brings us closer to the authentic pilot experience. So, whether you’re cruising in an Airbus A320 or navigating the skies in a single-engine wonder, the right throttle quadrant can truly make all the difference.