Brunner CLS-E MK II Rudders First Impressions

Brunner Force Feedback Rudders

Brunner, renowned for their innovation in flight simulation peripherals, sent me their CLS-E MK II Force Feedback Rudders for testing. The first thing you’ll notice is the solid, all-metal construction. These are possible the most well built set of rudders pedals I’ve tested.

Measuring 19-20 centimeters of full throw on the pedals, these rudders offer a precise and realistic experience to what you might feel in the real thing. They provide strong resistance and an authentic sense of control, making it feel like your feet are really connected to the aircraft.

The footrests are a highlight, expertly crafted and securely mounted on a 3mm steel plate. With a full-size GA style aircraft design, they provide a stable base for your feet with a fit and finish that is true to all other Brunner products.

When connected through the yoke and into the PC, these rudders offer additional features, although specifics will be covered in our upcoming full review video.

The Brunner CLS-E MK II Force Feedback Rudders excel in replicating aircraft handling and are ideal for flight enthusiasts seeking a more immersive experience. Stay tuned for our in-depth review of these impressive rudder pedals.

In summary, the Brunner Force Feedback Rudders (CLS-E MK II) deliver a sturdy, precise, and immersive experience that flight simmers and training outfits will love.