Discount Code logo Discount Code $5% OFF First Purchase Use Code: glocmedia at the checkout visit website is a new ATC for Microsoft Flight Simulator. I’ve created a few videos on the YouTube channel, so definatley check those out. The software itself is under rapid development with updates and new features being added almost every day. […]

Next Level Racing Discount Code

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Next Level Racing Discount Code 5% OFF Use Code: GLOCMEDIA at the checkout visit website Next Level Racing have been early adopters to the flight simulation niche. They make a variety of flight simulator chassis which can been seen in my videos throughout my YouTube channel. Use the link above to get your 5% off […]

Tobii Eye Tracker Discount

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Tobii Eye Tracker 5% off Discount Code Use Code: GLOCMEDIA at the checkout visit website The Tobii Eye Tracker is something I use often in my flight sim setup. It’s quite useful even with triple screen large displays like you may see on my daily flier. Super usefull in combat flight sims like DCS and […]

Hons VR

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Hons VR Prescription Lenses Currently no discount visit website I use both Hons VR prescription lenses in both the Pimax Crystal and Meta Quest 3 headset. Prescription lenses are an absolute must for anyone the regularly wears glasses in real life. The difference in sheer comfort in the fact you do not have to wear […]

Pimax Discount Code

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Pimax Crystal Discount Code $50 OFF Use Code: GLOCMEDIA at the checkout visit website The Pimax Crystal headset is the ultimate in clarity when it comes to Virtual Reality headsets for flight simulation and works great with Microsoft Flight Simulator, DCS and many others. It does come with it’s pro’s and con’s though, however if […]