WINWING F18 PANELS: The Best value flight sim panels for DCS?

If you’re a dedicated Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) enthusiast like me, you know the challenge of mastering the complex world of flight simulation in DCS. The Winwing F18 Flight Panels promise to take make things a bit easier by offering a tangible and immersive way to control your virtual aircraft. Having personally purchased and used both panels for a few months, I’m excited to share my insights on why these panels might just be the best bang for your buck in the realm of flight simulation hardware.

Purchasing & Unboxing the Winwing F18 Flight Panels

Purchasing the Winwing F18 Flight Panels directly from the One Wing store might seem a bit unconventional, especially since it involves buying from China. However, my experience defied expectations. The transaction was smooth, with prompt confirmation emails and efficient delivery tracking codes. Despite the distance, the panels arrived at my doorstep within a week. The initial trepidation was swiftly replaced by a positive online shopping experience.

Build Quality & Installation

The build quality of the Winwing F18 Flight Panels exceeded my expectations. Constructed primarily from durable alloy material, the panels exude a premium feel. The high-quality switches and switches’ sound signify attention to detail and authenticity. Assembling the panels did come with a minor challenge—while the instructions could have been clearer, the effort proved worthwhile. The process took around 45 minutes, but once assembled, the panels were ready for mounting.

Mounting Flexability

Mounting the panels is a breeze, offering options for both desk placement and integration into cockpit setups. My personal choice was to attach them to the side of my Extrusion cockpit, which, thanks to a securely tightened clamp, provided a sturdy connection. While a slight bend in the bracket emerged, it didn’t impact stability, leaving me pretty content with my chosen setup.

Visual Appeal & Backlighting

Upon powering up the panels, a striking green backlighting caught my eye. The visual appeal and attention to detail are really quite nice. The backlighting can be customized using the One Wing software in terms of brightness. This level of detail immediately convinced me that the investment was worthwhile.

Functionality & Layout

Navigating through the panels’ controls might appear crowded at first glance, but the layout proves intuitive over time. The well-thought-out placement of switches and buttons allows for muscle memory development. Although the layout accommodates various functionalities, VR users will find these panels particularly appealing. The integration of two axis controls on the take-off panel enhances its utility without causing clutter.

Minor Shortcomings of the WinWing Flight Panels

While the Winwing F18 Flight Panels are largely impressive, a couple of minor issues did emerge during my usage. The wingfold switch, for instance, could become slightly loose, but it’s easily remedied with a bit of glue. Similarly, the gear lever’s casing split after two months of continuous use, revealing the red light indicator. This issue was rectified using glue, but it’s worth noting that it could be an isolated problem.

Versatility Beyond DCS

A standout feature of these panels is their compatibility with other flight simulation platforms like Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane. This versatility extends the panels’ utility beyond DCS, making them a valuable addition for multi-sim enthusiasts.


In the realm of flight simulation hardware, the Winwing F18 Flight Panels offer an impressive combination of quality and functionality. With a price tag just below 300 USD, they deliver a significant enhancement to immersion and control. Despite minor issues that can be easily addressed, these panels provide an excellent value proposition. From the authentic feel of switches to the satisfying clunk of levers, the Winwing F18 Flight Panels deliver an enriching flight simulation experience that elevates your DCS adventures.


Embrace the future of flight simulation controls with the Winwing F18 Flight Panels, and discover a new level of immersion and control in the skies of DCS and beyond.